Monday, August 10, 2015

TV Junkie: "Fix It" reality shows and Bar Rescue

I'm a fan of "Fix-It" shows.

Fix the house, fix the business. I just loooooooove these shows.

It's truly something of a mild obsession ... I tend to binge watch. When I'm aiming to be good ('cause it's a workday) I'll only watch one episode during lunchtime. Then when my husband is working late after dinner then I'll watch 2 or 3 in a row.

The ones I enjoy related to fixing up houses are Rehab Addict, Love It Or List It, Flip or Flop (here, why don't I just link you over to HGTV so you can see them yourself!? LOL) but my favorite shows of this type is anything hosted by The Property Brothers (they're twins!! Jonathan is a contractor and Drew is a real estate agent, so their teaming up is natural!) and my most favorite of all: Holmes Inspection. This is where the exceptional contractor Mike Holmes inspects houses in trouble and discovers where the original home inspection failed during the sale process. (Seriously, if I could afford to fly this man over here to inspect when I buy a house I would. He's amazing, scary-professional (in the best way) and his work crew  -- which includes his kids!! -- is just fantastic.) Mr. Holmes and his crew take apart whatever is wrong with the house then reconstruct it to Make It Right™!!

Holmes Inspection is a great show. And I love how in this instance a total newbie to buying/owning houses and caring for their maintenance could watch, take notes, learn and actually prepare for owning a home! (Seriously, I'm taking notes -- because why not?) It's amazing! This is an entire education being supplied here -- we should be grateful! I know I am. Home buying doesn't have to be scary or a trap ... You can go in better prepared, and that's so helpful!

There's also a terrific short-lived fix-it show that straddled home and business called Construction Intervention where contractor Charlie Frattini repairs failed construction projects abandoned by incompetent contractors. I enjoyed this one, too.

On the business side for the fix-it type shows, I've enjoyed Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Sometimes outrageous and full of yelling, heck, I can understand why the man feels the need to scream when restaurants are supposed to be about enjoyment of food, clean (!!) food-handling and safe food storage!

Bar and Restaurant expert John Taffer
So my husband (knowing how I LOVE these types of shows) found and put on our queue my latest binge watch: "Bar Rescue" hosted by John Taffer. What a great show!

Anyone with any HOPES of opening a bar/restaurant should watch, take notes, then fly. This man knows what he's doing.

Where Gordon Ramsey aims to rescue failing restaurants, John Taffer aims to salvage bars on the verge of massive failure. I binge-watched two seasons in about 2 weeks (I know. That's a lot of episodes. Chris had a lot of working late this past week.)

I really enjoy this series because 1) Mr. Taffer doesn't play. He's there to save these owners their livelihoods  2) holy moley, Mr. Taffer can revamp a place.

I mean, yes, I'm looking at it dispassionately; I'm not the bar/restaurant owner who's getting their bar/restaurant business made over and probably re-named in the process. But golly, (without giving away spoilers) the man knows what he's doing and has the tools to make it work. It's impressive.

I like watching this series on a sheer running-a-business level. Although not obvious (since I sure don't plan to open a restaurant or bar!) the knowledge can be applied across-wise, because after all, a business owner is a business owner, and an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur ... there are going to be certain ground rules that are going to hold true across the board for anyone managing a business, like accounting, managing staff and being present in the business in a helpful (and not abusive or micro-managey) way.

If you like these kinds of fix-it reality shows, I totally recommend you try Bar Rescue!

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