Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fallen World: Small Load

Special Agent Nita Johnson

Last week I posted how one of my favorite comics projects that my husband Chris and I worked on was a mini comic run called "Fallen World". This was a supernatural crime genre idea we were developing ... and I hope someday we can create more of.

Since I've created a new website for my comics (our original, shared website, Studiowell, is now Chris' dedicated author website) I've had to migrate and upload the comics. This helps refresh my mind on what fun it was to work on the different projects.

Our first one, "Small Fortune" was 8 pages, and the second story in the set of three in Fallen World "Small Load" is 12 pages. Here we meet FBI agent Jonah Chang's partner, Nita Johnson.


J Carls said...

Erica (and Chris), both of these are really great. The "Bugs Bunny" line was pretty funny, too.

Erica Well said...

LOL thanks so much!!