Monday, July 20, 2015

Fallen World: Small Fortune -- Loading My New Comics Website With One of My Favorite Comics

Detective Jonah Chang re-reads his fortune cookie

Back when Chris and I were first married in 2002, we started making comics together right away. One of our first was a title called Fallen World. Part X-Files-y, part cop-story, we teamed up angry Jonah Chang with beautiful Nita Johnson and threw in weird happenings. We wanted to mash up some of our favorite genres together and see if we could pull it off.

We got to do three stories for Fallen World: Small Fortune, Small Load and Small Comfort. They were in mini comic form (hence the use of the word "small" in each of the titles) and their length made them easy for me to tackle as my first real comic projects. But by the time we finished the third mini-comic, Chris had just started on a new job and he re-thought the origins of a big section of this universe ... and it all changed and Fallen World got shelved. Sigh.

I enjoy re-reading most of the old comics I've drawn. Regardless of the lack of technical finesse on some of the artistry (I've learned to accept we really only learn and develop our craft of drawing by actually drawing, as cringe-worthy as parts of it may be) I enjoy the pages especially because they're emotionally charged with memories. I'll remember where I'd drawn them, or what I was listening to, or how much we really liked that particular story when we were working on it together.

So here is the first of those mini comics, freshly uploaded, linked here: Fallen World: Small Fortune.

This is a project I do hope we can revisit and lengthen into a good chunky story someday.

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