Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Season 6!!

I'm doing a happy dance because season 6 of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is out.

My favorite parts are when Jerry's guests make him laugh!

Been too busy uploading comics to write up anything special for this week's post (another reason why I'm also a day late & my apologies for that, because writing posts definitely helps me work on my writing overall) -- but I'm glad, glad, glad that between all the work I can enjoy these new episodes of one of my favorite online shows!

They've changed the release time to 11:30 pm EST Wednesday nights (I know it's all on demand but the new release time is now kinda like a late night show timeslot in a way) but that only means I will PROBABLY watch it Thursday at lunchtime!

Watch and enjoy the laughs with some of your favorite comedians!


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