Monday, February 09, 2015

Yumminess of Baking and A Shout Out to Two of My Favorite Online Cooks

Hilah's No-Knead Bread

I've been negligent in thanking the various wonderful cooks who share their great recipes and help make cooking so much fun!

I'll aim to thank them more often ... I need to start by taking pictures of the food I make from their recipes and posting them. I tend to forget to take the pictures and just eat! LOL

First I want to thank Hilah Johnson over at for her many great recipes, (including for meatball and hummus) which have just made it easy for me to overcome a minor fear of cooking things because sometimes recipes seem too complicated. Hilah makes cooking look fun and easy and I highly recommend her videos and her recipes (I totally have to buy her books now!) Because I remembered to take a picture this time, I have to thank Hilah for the deliciously yummy No Knead Bread Recipe, which is super-low on yeast, tasty and SO AMAZINGLY CRUSTY!! (This bread either buttered or with a jam on it is LOVELY!!)

I LOOOOOOVE this bread. I've made it several times so far it is so enjoyable. I am at last posting a picture of one of them before it is devoured! Yes, it is an investment of time to make this one -- don't freak out -- because since the yeast level is SO low, you have to let the bread rise overnight before you can bake it, so you need to build in serious prep time.

But oh my goodness it is SO worth it!

Another terrific recipe and cook I want to thank is Angela Kim over at for her Monkey Bread Recipe. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Another great recipe!

We had a friend visit this past weekend who suggested we make Monkey Bread.
Monkey Bread so good, we almost forgot to take the picture!

She'd never made it and neither had I (!) so we had to find recipes online ... it being one of Chris' favorite breads (that I have postponed learning how to bake) I thought, well, okay, lemme finally look for it! It'd be really nice to know how -- if it'll taste good.

Fortunately, Roku has a CAKE CHANNEL that we just recently added!! And there was Angela, in the "New" section, with her Monkey Bread recipe video, God bless her! YAY!

I watched the video (several times) to get comfortable with the process. I liked the recipe ingredients and felt yeah, this is worth the effort, because this again, is another bread where you need to build in almost two extra hours to let the dough rise (twice).

Oh my goodness, was it ever worth it!!

I highly recommend a visit to these ladies' sites and to print out their recipes and try them out. Especially if you enjoy the cooking/baking process, you will definitely find these delicious foods worth the effort invested and they will become family favorites!


Your friend, Nancy said...

I like your recipe suggestions, and I like your writing. You understand the challenges of those of us not very confident in the kitchen!

J Carls said...

I can be a strong second for the "no knead" bread, which I first heard about from an NPR story. It was always fun dumping that load of risen dough into a hot pot at the end, but the resulting crust was definitely worth the trouble.

Erica Well said...

Thank, Nancy!

I love how these ladies make it so much easier for us non-fancy cooks to go for it!! LOL

Oh my goodness, J, yeah! That crusty finish on the bread is amazing!!