Tuesday, October 07, 2014

West End Farmer's Market: Blue Vine Woodworks -- their Gorgeous Handcrafted Kitchenware

One of Tyler's Seriously Gorgeous Cutting Boards

I get into spaces where as much as I want to be more supportive locally I don't have the time to get to the places I want to visit. Then I feel terrible because we all should be more supportive of each other locally with stuff we create and grow, and taking the time to share (like the free days at the Frist or the Schermerhorn!!) So, sometimes you need to shove things aside and Just Make The Time.

We have several easy-to-get-to Farmers' Markets on the West Side and I finally started to stop by to visit some again because the produce, the foods and the people are just amazing.

I thought I would start to highlight some of the delicious foods and useful items and wonderful people you can go visit at the West End Farmers' Market, too, because they need to be discovered by an even wider audience.

One of the tables at the West End Farmers' Market is for Blue Vine Woodworks. A sweet young man by the name of Tyler creates useful kitchen items -- cutting boards, bottle openers, test tube spice racks --  in wood. It seems to be his passion, (and I say that even before I read the FAQ page I just linked to there) primarily because the wood items he fashions are just so intensely beautiful. You can totally see it in the work. His patterns and finishes in the worked wood are -- to put it simply -- works of art.

The Blue Vine Woodworks website and the Blue Vine Woodworks Etsy shop are pretty good indicaters of how terrific his pieces are. But I highly recommend you go see him in person at the Bellevue or West End Farmers' Markets, because you'll totally see in person and for yourself how it would be worth saving up for a useful kitchen treat like one of Tyler's wares.

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