Monday, September 01, 2014

Comics and Celebrating Birthdays Hobbit-Style

We celebrated Chris' birthday recently and he bought ME presents.

We spread the celebration out over a weekend, which is always fun. We had two fun lunches, cake, I got him a card and we did go to a real bookstore and I bought him a copy of Gamify by Brian Burke,  a business book he'd been thinking about buying for a couplea weeks. (He really likes it.)

Gifts is SOOO not one of my Love Languages -- mine is Quality Time -- but it's one of Chris' primary ones! ACK! (Maybe I'll blog/rant about that someday.) So he kinda Hobbit-birthday-ed me and ordered me DVDs and COMICS!!! (Hobbits celebrate their birthdays by throwing big parties and giving others gifts.)

Darling knows what I like. The first comic he bought me is the terrific Showcase Presents: Super Friends!. I only recently discovered what an amazing artist Ramona Fradon is, and tangentally we'd also been talking about comics drawn for kids ... which got us on a whole nostalgic '70s Saturday Morning Cartoon train of thought which trailed to the '70s Super Friends cartoon and thus, this volume. So he got me Super Friends both to enjoy and as reference to strengthen and simplify my ink style for a new comic strip project I'm working on (and plan to upload to Comics Sherpa starting in September!!)

When we got Super Friends, I was thrilled to find out this first volume is chock-full of issues of Fradon's pencils with Bob Smith inks! He did a nice job inking her work (although I do prefer her pencils alone or when she inks them.) The artwork is luscious and solid for a clean cartoony style. I enjoy reading these huge reprint books without color because I get to savor the drawing itself even more thoroughly. It's educational to me to see the inks so clearly! I also love when I look at comics and I can "feel" the weight of the figures experiencing gravity on the page, actually standing and occupying the space they're drawn in ... I've skimmed the whole book a few times but have
only read through to issue #2 so far. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this volume.

The other two books Chris ordered for me were Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins On Stage Vol. 13, and Stan Drake's The Heart of Juliet Jones Vol 4: Sundays!!!!!  (Can I put more exclamation points on that sentence? Well, yes, but ...!) We've been collecting these two comic strips that have been reprinted in a terrific format by Classic Comics Press. (Thank you, thank you, so much Mr. Pelto!!)

It's in reading these two books that I feel a twinge of nostalgia for a time in which I wasn't even alive yet; where I feel maybe I was born 20 years later than would have been ideal (in my mind) because I would have LOVED to have created a comic strip and worked in a style much like these wonderful artists created in their comic strips ... Yeah, it would have been SO cool to have a comic strip in the newspapers back in the day, like these two, or like Brenda Starr, Reporter!!

But of course, I must remain peaceful that all works within God's timing. So I patiently "wait by the mailbox" -- these two new books haven't arrived yet -- and know I'll enjoy the loveliness of these two volumes when we receive them. And rave about them again, once I do.

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