Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Chairs' Hiatus by Matthew Bogart -- a worthy graphic novel Kickstarter campaign

Johanna Draper Carlson has a terrific site called Comics Worth, where she reviews all kinds of comics and comics-related items and loops us in to comics-related news. Yesterday I read her Google+ post on Matthew Bogart's Kickstarter campaign for his book The Chairs' Hiatus, a 96- page graphic novel about a band that broke up ... it's moving, lovely to look at and emotional. I read Part 1 last night and could not wait to get up this morning and finish it. I read the rest today and loved it. Matthew has it online for you to read -- and you know reading it online is not enough. Help fund this darling book -- this one's a keeper.

He has 25 days to go on his campaign as of today -- and he's halfway to his goal. $20 gets you a copy of his book, and $80 will get you a copy of the book and an original sketch (limited to 10 people.) I like this second option because he draws his books digitally, so any original art would be few and far between ...!

The other options include band posters and t-shirts (hilarious and great idea!!)

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