Saturday, July 12, 2014

Painter Greg Decker at LeQuire Gallery

La Femme d'Abeilles by Greg Decker
One of my favorite galleries in Nashville is LeQuire Gallery over on Charlotte Pike. Whereas most of the galleries in town feature very abstract or nature-focused work -- or, in some cases, let's face it, the piece that simply would look great over a couch -- LeQuire is one of the handful that focuses on the figure.

One of my favorite painters they represent is Greg Decker. What I love about his work is he paints like what trying to paint a dream would look like ... which is to say, often a dream as you view it is not quite in focus but yet it is very vivid and striking ... and if one tried to paint what they saw inside their head while they were asleep late at night, the colors and figures might just look like his work. It's fascinating and beautiful to me.

His show at the LeQuire Gallery has been extended through the end of July. There he's been teamed up with painter Marleen De Waele - another painter whose lovely work I hope to see more of.

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