Saturday, June 07, 2014

Plunging into Diversity in Comics and the Joy of Hope

Writer Joe Illidge has a terrific series running on Comic Book Resources titled The Color Barrier. The full title of the very first post is "THE COLOR BARRIER: A Message of Comics, Diversity & Hope".

Joe's interviews with African American and Latino writers and illustrators discussing their work and diversity in comics (and entertainment fields) and his greater message reinforcing the need to go forward and do, was the absolutely best thing I could have read this morning. (Yes, I read all -- as of this writing -- 10 articles.)

My favorite articles are his most recent two: "The Direct Impact of Dwayne McDuffie and What Comes Next" and "Does Fair Play Really Matter?" more than anything because they point to how some things in the comics industry are changing for the better.

It's been 17-18(?) years since I worked with Joe Illidge at Milestone Media. Joining him on The Nerds of Color video podcast Hard NOC Life to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Milestone was sobering -- in the best possible way.

Seeing the guys after all these years made me realize how although I've been working on a graphic novel on the side, I'd pretty much otherwise put my comics passion and love on the back burner. (This blog pretty much attests to that with the spotty posts I've made these past few years.)

The reunion made me realize much hurt, anger and disgust about mainstream comics (read Marvel and DC) I had been pressing down. And how very different my experience at Milestone had been in comparison to my experiences at Defiant, Broadway and DC Comics.

But this was a healing reunion and realization for me. There we all reinforced the need to get past the disappointment and do something, and that something is to make comics that we'd want to read.

Truly the only way for people to find what they think is lacking is to then supply it. This is how new creator voices get heard. And how new comics get read. Let's encourage one another to do so.

Thank you, Joe, so much for the Hope and the encouragement to go forward and make comics.

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