Monday, January 20, 2014

Secret Identities The Asian American Superhero Anthology

Post our Milestone Comics 20th anniversary reunion (courtesy of Hard N.O.C. Life by the The Nerds of Color)  I would love to address (in a longer post sometime) the hope and necessity of diversity in comics and how we really can only shut up and make the comics ourselves to do so. (Having ebooks now as an option to get our work out makes it a whole new publishing world, people!)

In the meanwhile, I was looking for meaningful comics to enjoy, so I bought a copy of Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. I had not known our host Keith Chow had been involved in making that book happen until our whole reunion had been underway -- and found out that Milestone had been their impetus. Wow.

WHAT FUN! I totally loved loved loved Secret Identities; it was chock-full of short stories by a nicely wide range of creators (so you get a wide variety of styles of stories and art even if basically within a superhero genre.) The reviews on Amazon will do the book waaaay more justice than I can if you need more convincing. Me, I heartily just tell you to BUY THIS BOOK and enjoy!

[No seriously, if you are a comics creator who at all seriously wants to contribute and be part of the whole
creative contribution and conversation, you HAVE to own and have read a copy of this book.]

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