Friday, March 23, 2012

LeQuire begins Sunday Studio for Illustrators and Painters

As an artist whose primary focus is in comics drawing and in illustrating, my focus is on storytelling. To me, cramming emotion and information into a tiny panel is an exciting challenge. And as an art teacher I'm the first to reassure the kids not to worry about what the thing looks like just yet -- you're only just starting to learn how!! I also tell 'em we need to draw every day to get good. As we focus and continue to draw, we simply get better and better at it. Artists don't ever stop learning or developing our work.

So as I love to teach, I also love to learn ... I think they go hand-in-hand ... Lately I've been teaching myself and my students art history (wow!!) I also really enjoy taking classes (Plaza Artists Materials hosts some really nice ones) that can help me further sharpen my focus so I can better get what's in my brain out onto the paper or canvas in front of me.

I'm also a huge fan of Atelier sessions -- that's where a bunch of artists gather together to draw from a live model. Took some great Anatomy classes at the Art Students League with Peter Cox back when I lived in NY. Those really helped me get how the figure connected. And I think the practice just makes me a better artist. And I feel like I am part of the larger tradition of classical artists. So I just LOVE. Atelier. Sessions.

So, I've got some great news for the Figurative Illustrators and Painters hiding out in Nashville! ('Cause I know we're out here!! Somewhere!)

For years, sculptor Alan LeQuire has hosted an Atelier studio on weeknights at the Charlotte Avenue LeQuire Gallery location. It's terrific, and for a modest fee you can sculpt in clay, which is provided, and have a live model to look at and use as your subject. These sessions are currently held on Tuesday nights. I've attended a couple of times over the years, and the models he hires are just WONDERFUL. When I attended I was one of the few "drawers" in the room of sculptors (& yes, I'm working up the nerve to try the 3-D thing!) but it was just great. And now the lovely folks at LeQuire are providing Illustrators and Painters the same luxury of a live model on Sunday afternoons.

So, if you're a painter or illustrator with an interest in working from a live model, LeQuire Gallery has started up a Sunday afternoon classic Atelier Group. (And by "classic" I do mean nude model, just so there's no confusion.) It currently meets from 1 to 4pm on Sunday afternoons. We start with short poses (1 minute), then increase to 5 and 10-minute poses, go to 30 and an hour-long pose ... If you're interested in attending, I suggest you contact the gallery by phone or email so they can put you in touch with the Atelier coordinator. I attended the first session and the model was simply amazing. I heartily recommend it!

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