Monday, November 21, 2011

My comic "Dear Us"

Sometimes when you're working on a lengthy project like a graphic novel, the project can take so ... well, long! I'm not going to mention the page count or where I'm at, cause I just can't yet. I don't need to discourage myself. Fitting it in between paying assignments takes quite a bit of juggling nowadays. Although I must admit that those precious moments when I do finally calm down and get to the inking (yes, at least it's mostly inking and paste up from here on out) I do LOVE it. I simply need to calm down in order to sit still and get to the work a lot more often than I just do right now.

It's funny -- I really tried to pull back on the volume of comics work I was doing (I have a short stack of scripts -- several of which I've written -- that I'd really love to draw) because I thought it would help me focus on the big A Church Called Graffiti project. But it's turning out to have the opposite effect on me. Focusing on only the one is not enough comics! Demented. It's like I have to load myself down to draw in order to help me schedule myself more rigorously and make it all work out. ARGH!

So I guess I'll just do that and see if that gives me better results. I'll report after the new year!

Meanwhile, sometimes you need to pull out the old stuff and look at it to see where you've been and gauge where you want to go. Like with this one-pager I did several years ago called "Dear Us". I really wanted to post this one here today. I dunno why -- but it's been on my brain to do since I was wondering what to blog about this week. So, here it is. And frankly, it's too small to read comfortably here, so you can opt to click through that link in the title and read it on our site.

And Happy Thanksgiving!