Monday, May 09, 2011

The Graffiti graphic novel, and Graffiti Church's Anniversary

Odd how it took moving from New York City to Nashville, TN for me to get an assignment to adapt and illustrate a graphic novel based on the memoir A Church Called Graffiti, written by Taylor Field.

Taylor is the pastor of the East Seventh Street Baptist Church located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, close to Tompkins Square Park. The church has been called Graffiti from the get-go.

This month Taylor and his family are celebrating 25 years of serving the church and ministry to the neighborhood, so to me, it's appropriate to launch previews of the graphic novel to celebrate that. I found Taylor's story really touching and wanted very much to illustrate it, in order to share the oddball church experience that is being a Christian in New York City. It's a beautiful story, and I hope you'll read the previews online at We'll update weekly there, usually adding 2 pages at a time, until an entire chapter is up.

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