Monday, May 09, 2011

1967 Bedazzled, Department S and After the Fox all on DVD

While I'd been off the blog, I've been enjoying a great plethora of oddities thanks to Netflix; among them the 1966 movie After The Fox starring Peter Sellers, the 1969 British TV show Department S and the original 1967 Bedazzled starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

I've watched Bedazzled at LEAST a half dozen times by now, partially because of its absolutely great soundtrack. And we often skip to our favorite scenes, besides -- especially "Love Me/Bedazzled" where Dudley Moore and Peter Cook play "pop stars on TV" and sing those two songs. We finally bought a copy of the CD, which had been recently remastered, and now I play that almost every day while I draw or at least at night before we go to sleep. The opening theme I find especially hauntingly gorgeous -- and love watching the Maurice Binder credits!

I get obsessive with really good soundtracks -- I had the same obsession/buy watch/listen the DVD & CD with Ed Harris' Pollock movie -- so I've been enjoying Bedazzled a lot. Bedazzled turns out to be a variation on the Faust storyline, which also fascinates me ... I'm intrigued by the wisps of spiritual insight mixed within, so I hope to add a DVD copy to the Well library soon ...

I enjoy Department S and we bought the series first way before we got the soundtrack a couple of weeks ago. Their incidental music is just terrific. We're heading for the After the Fox CD then DVD next. The opening scene music and the song that runs over the After the Fox (more Maurice Binder) credits -- sung by The Hollies (AND Peter Sellers!!) -- are WONDERFUL! Looking forward to playing that music while I work ...

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