Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More New Faves (aside from Dr. Who)

Okay, I'll try to keep this one short and sweet.

List of the latest favorite people/things I discovered in 2009 while I was not blogging:

1) composer Philip Glass

My first exposure to his work was in that movie Koyaanisqatsi back in the 80s. I thought his music, quite simply, was really WEIRD. Then we saw a great PBS special on him and we got a good sense of who he was. I really grew to respect his work and like certain pieces a lot, and appreciate him as an artist. Very cool.

2) The TV show Psych. (The guys are funny!)

3) The vegetable Squash.

Seriously. I'd never eaten squash before. Then one of our elders at church shared some yellow squash they had grown in their garden, and told me how to sautee it. LOVE it! Tried spaghetti squash and zucchini for the first time, and loved them, too. Yay!

4) The TV show Burke's Law.

Old 60's detective show produced by Aaron Spelling (!) It's the relationship between Captain Burke, Detective Tim and Detective Les that's a hoot. Love 'em.

5) The writer James Cain.

Read his Mildred Pierce and Double Indemnity. I love that the same writer wrote two such very different novels.

6) The TV show Coach.

Well, at least the first (I think) 6 seasons. Don't love it when they "moved to Florida" so now I'm stuck midway through season 7 (is it?) kinda not compelled to watch more ... though I DO wanna know what happens with the baby.

7) The comedian Jack Benny.

Been watching some old episodes of the Jack Benny show just because (I've heard about him often, just wanted to know what he and the show were like). And what I just LOVE about him is the way he'll deliver a line really deadpan and then look at us, like we're in on the joke with him. Love that.

Anyway. Aside from drawing comics, that's what I've been doing while I've been away!

New Faves -- Dr. Who!!

Okay, so I've been SO busy not blogging, I've actually been working on 3 other key things: reading non-fiction, working on this graphic novel stuff (I will never complain about WHERE Craig Thompson's next graphic novel is again. Dang, if this stuff isn't SO time consuming!) and watching lotsa TV/movies (yes, that's sad, I know. I'm indoors a lot.)

BUT, in all couch potato geekiness, I have to say I have a number of new favorites now. On the top of the list has to be the absolutely brilliant new Dr. Who series. (Okay, so the new kid you'll see on the link there to the official BBC home page is the latest Dr. Who, and he starts on the next season set to begin. Dunno what he's like yet. But we are hoping that the very obvious "making the Doctor younger" each time he regenerates is actually part of the overall plot.) Meanwhile, we are in the middle of watching Season 3 with David Tennant as Dr. Who and we just LOVE IT!

"My" Dr. Who is still officially Tom Baker, since he's the one I "imprinted" on back in the day (didn't watch many whole episodes then, but GOLLY I loved the theme music!) ... & yes, I know it's corny -- but I even crocheted my own version of a tremendously long, stripey Dr. Who scarf that I would wear. (Tom Baker's Dr. Who wore a crazy long scarf.)

Now of this new set of Dr. Who episodes, I must admit I'm still rather partial to Christopher Eccleston's Doctor from season one, because frankly, you can't top that totally gleeful smile of his! And he has a great nose (talking drawing-wise.) But I must admit, I've now grown to love David Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor as well ...

The stories on the show itself have really been terrific. Part sci-fi time travel, part crazy monsters and machines, part mystery and political intrigue. Great fun. Also wonderful to be able to fill in the gaps and watch the old incarnations of the Doctor (I think Chris told me the new kid is number 11?) and get a good sense of overall series continuity.

Now totally wondering whether the comics will be any good. Looking forward to finding out.

To Blog or Not to Blog. Sigh.

It's pitiful. It's now nearly a full 8 months since my last post. Clearly I've been avoiding blogging, and of course the longer I go not blogging the worse I feel about not bothering. Oh whatever.

It's just sometimes hard to keep up. There's plenty to do in 3-D life, you know?