Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bleeding Cool

For hardcore comics fans only: (and yeah, I know I'm like a month late posting the news. Chris found out where he went right away, but I haven't been online lately to post!!)

Rich Johnston (and his excellent comics industry news/gossip column, Lying In The Gutters) has left Comic Book Resources (CBR) to be lead writer on Bleeding Cool, a website hosted by Avatar Press. Working now for a publisher, he's technically not as "neutral" as being on what was a "plain ol' news site", but on the other hand he's getting paid (is my understanding) and frankly being able to pay bills and get food is good. So I'm glad for him and his family.

At Bleeding Cool, Johnston's new posts are set up more like individual blog posts than the weekly column format like the Lying In the Gutters had set up, so it's all broken up into little pieces as often as he posts (which definitely seems more frequently.) The new format takes a little getting used to, if only because it's not obviously identified as his own post.

I'm also just square enough to wish it were more obvious where I could specifically find Rich Johnston's posts on the site. I had to do a site search because I'd left the link info Chris sent me on my desk somewhere and I couldn't find it right now. I mean, I can find Warren Ellis' interesting and brilliant posts easily -- it's listed right on the sidebar (watch out if you have delicate language issues. Both columnists are British! :)

Interesting development, this ... I wish him the best and look forward to visiting more often now.


Rich Johnston said...

All the posts are mine except for the weekly columns by Warren Ellis, Si Spurrier or Adi Tantimedh, the occasional Manchild column and the Tony Lee thing the other day. Everything else is 100% me...

Erica Well said...

Aha! Excellent to know!

(Thank you so much for stopping by just to let me/us know! I've enjoyed your column very much.)