Thursday, October 09, 2008

Joy Ford and The Eminent Domain Issue

OR: Let's Not Be Stupid, Nashville #1:

(YAY! At least on this one we weren't.)

I thought I'd at least start the set with a bit of good news. I was glad and relieved to read that Metro's MDHA agency decided not to push the "Eminent Domain" angle to try and seize Joy Ford's property on Music row in order to sell it to a huge developer. I mean with as many parcels of pretty ugly looking land looking pretty available all around close by to there (my gosh can anyone do something downtown south of Broadway and East of 9th?? The Schermerhorn and Country Music Hall of Fame are in some pretty dry and dire-lookin' neighborhood!) and to pick on her tiny spot on the block to throw her out for her few square feet of land was ridiculous. And the ugly karma MDHA would have generated from the sheer injustice had they done it ... sheesh!

Anyway, kudos to The Lionstone Group and Ford being able to swap land so she gets to stay and they can all settle in a really nice way and be neighbors.

Thanks for that. Very cool.

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