Sunday, August 03, 2008

Walking In This Crazy, Globby Heat

So I've spent July mostly working on comics ... and courtesy of my good friend Dawn, got to see a little bit of wonderful local artwork at two openings -- one for Rosanne Awbrey at the Green Hills library and for Garry Hornbuckle and Wyma Hornbuckle over at the Gordon Jewish Community Center. Those things I enjoyed very much.

I also spent a lot of July going to the dentist, which would normally freak me out big time (too, too many cavities as a kid!) but we finally found a great dental staff in Nashville. Don't let their fancy website mentioning cosmetic dentistry make you think they only do the expensive stuff. They're very down to earth, friendly and take care of the everyday stuff too, like normal cavities and normal cleaning ... they're very patient, nice and also take the time to educate you, to make sure you're doing all you can to save your teeth! They're smart folks.

Now suddenly it's August, and like the rest of us here in Middle Tennessee -- I'm dealing with the oppressive, globby, humid heat of mid-to-late summer. I feel sorry for the kids who all have to start school in this heat over the next two weeks or so! Waiting for the school bus (when they even have one, what with the gas prices cutting back the school bus routes and all!!) is going to be rough.

Frankly, it's difficult to walk around on no sidewalks and in humidity that makes the air feel like you're breathing in molasses. It's like a double whammy of difficulty ... but on the other hand, I must make note that it looks like drivers are becoming more aware and more pedestrian-friendly lately ... and I'm really grateful for that. More often they'll wait for us to cross the street when we have the light now instead of trying to beat us to make a right in front of us before we step off the curb.

I kvetch about the heat only because I spent a lot of time walking around in it this past week, getting flyers for next week's comics panel up on the community bulletin boards over in the Davis-Kidd bookstore, Great Escape comic book store and the Borders bookstore near Vanderbilt. Everyone was really wonderful and accommodating. I had already gotten flyers over to our friend Rick's comic book store -- Rick's Comic City over in Donelson -- the week before, so I feel like I did my best to help get the word out about the comics panel, which takes place next Saturday August 9th at 2pm in the Downtown Nashville Library.

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