Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thought Bubbles Out Loud: Graphic Novel Discussion At Downtown Public Library, Saturday August 9

I must admit I totally did the girly-squeal thing (yeah, and I jumped up and down a little bit) when we visited the Downtown Library a couplea weeks ago for their story lunch hour ... and I'd noticed they'd made a big purple flyer for Thought Bubbles Out Loud, the graphic novel and comics panel we're having next Saturday, August 9. I totally grabbed a flyer for my portfolio and one which I mailed to my Mom and Dad. They were very happy for me!

So yeah, I'll mention it again!

The Downtown Library is holding a discussion on graphic novels and comic books, called Thought Bubbles Out Loud next Saturday, August 9th at 2pm in conference room 1A. The conference room is located on the first floor before the Main Gallery. Graphic novelist Hope Larson (Chiggers, Salamander Dreams) will be there. Author and scholar Jonathan Lampley will be moderating and I'll be there. We'll be discussing comics, raising questions and I hope -- encouraging a new batch of creators ...!

There will be coffee (YAY!) And I'll try to bring some cookies if I'm allowed (I'll have to ask first ...)

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