Sunday, June 22, 2008

Works With Words Wraps Up This Week

I'd meant to blog about several of the wonderful artists whose artwork appears with mine at the Downtown Nashville Library's Works With Words show ... but my plate's been too full. And now the show wraps up this Wednesday evening, the 25th of June. Please visit if you get the chance! But if you can't, here's a slideshow currently on the Library website!

The exhibition on the whole is just really, really good and very striking. We had nice reviews in The Tennessean and in The Nashville Scene. Once you've seen it and stand back in the gallery and look them all over again as a whole it leaves quite an impact. The visual along with the words incorporated in them are so interesting. Seeing them makes thoughts form in your head and you may feel pushed to the edge of spouting poetry ...

I just haven't gotten the chance to wax and gush specifically about my fellow artists' pieces, the best I can do right now is give you the link to the slideshow and later on I hope to link to the websites of some of my especially favorite ones:

Linda Illingsworth, Wind Over Water
Kaaren Hirshowitz Engel, Intertwined
Izamar Rodriguez, Ophelia's Song
Andrew Saftel, My Universe
Daniel Lai, Atlas Supporting Atlas
Anne R. Williams, Two Make a Great Pear. Plus One More
Joy Deean Carson, She Was Distracted With All Her Preparations ... Worried and Bothered By So Many Things
Jennifer Knowles McQuistion, American Muse
Britt Stadig, While She Slept

The Works With Words exhibition runs through Wednesday, June 25th, and is installed in the Main Gallery on the first floor. I hope you will get a chance to enjoy it!

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