Sunday, June 29, 2008

Works With Words At Library Closes; Piece Sells

It's always exciting to be considered for and take part in an art exhibition. Then just way great when the piece catches someone's eye and they love it and buy it(!) so they can enjoy it more. Especially when the theme was just so interesting and the show overall was just really terrific, like it was with the Works With Words exhibit at our Main Library Downtown.

It takes a good chunk of time to draw a page, so I do my best to make all my work significant to me. That way completing each drawing or a painting -- even when they are for a long project like a comic or a graphic novel -- had each been worth my time and effort. There's just something really fun about looking over a piece again and recalling the emotions associated with creating it. Or re-finding the train of thought that made you draw that piece in the first place. Or even sometimes finding new thoughts that trail off from looking it over, which even possibly inspires new pieces.

So my Tell Me A Story found a new home after the exhibition. And I am incredibly happy and grateful.

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