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I'll Never Know How Much It Cost 2

Took me a while to get back to this one.

Original post back on 12/17/06.

I was glad when Visitor Walter took the time to comment on my post about this song. It helped me think about Scripture and go read the verses quoted to see why he thought the way he did. After much thought I'd like to explain as to why I think there is no conflict with what the song says and with what Scripture says.

Chris and I had family in town during Labor Day weekend last year, so we were able to get to church with them since they had a car. Amazingly, even after not having been to church in months (because of the lack of car thing) we sang this beautiful song again during worship time. By golly, like always, I got choked up by the emotional content again.

Now I'm no bible scholar, and I'll admit there are times I'll read passages in the bible that I flat out don't understand yet. My brain will sometimes hurt from it, from trying to figure some of it out. But nowadays I try not to stress over it like I used to. Now when I don't get something, I just pray and expect that though I don't understand it now, I will eventually.

I don't see the line of the song "I'll never know how much it cost" as biblically untrue. If we simply take the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and examine what it means to a Christian, then the statement is very true. Jesus died for us and in our place. In that alone we will never know the pain he went through because Jesus deliberately took the pain upon Himself on our behalf. We're not ever going to go through the crucifixion ourselves. We're not going to go through it now, when we understand and accept what Christ did nor will we later after we get to Heaven. That's the whole big deal about His dying for us. It's supposed to be shocking to know that Jesus would actually die for us so that we would not have to. His action shows how much He truly, truly loves us.

Let's read the biblical verses quoted in the comment: John 14:26, John 16:13 and 1 Corinthians 13: 9 - 12 in sequential order as they appear in the bible. Let's also examine further where they appear in context. (I'm reading the NIV translation.)

In the Book of John chapter 14 verse 26, Jesus is teaching/advising the apostles before His death, and He says: "26. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and will remind you of all things I have said to you." The Holy Spirit is the aspect of God who stays with us once Christ ascended.

Then in the Book of John, Chapter 16 verse13, Jesus continues advising them with "13. The Holy Spirit will guide you unto all truth. He will not speak on His own. He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come."

Then in the Book of 1Corinthians chapter 13, the apostle Paul is writing on having love for others. This chapter is part of those written about the spiritual gifts -- which are from the Holy Spirit -- that are given to us to assist each other.

This chapter opens up reminding us that if we have the Gifts of the Spirit but we don't have love first, we're useless. (It's a great chapter.)

So specifically in verses 9 through 12 it seems Paul's continuing in the theme of love, only being perfected through Love. Paul's phrase in verse 12 "Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." I think is really not so much about knowing in knowledge (see verse 2) but rather being known by God and knowing in Love the fullness of the Love of/for/by God. As in, we can only understand a little bit of His love for us here, but then we will know it much better when we are perfected in Him.

So to me, the song at church is sung by the soul that reflects on Jesus Christ: "Here I am to worship/Here I am to bow down/Here I am to say that You are God" and who later reflects on His sacrifice for us: "I'll never know how much it cost/to see my sins upon that cross."

When we stop and think of how our sins separate us from God, and then learn and reflect how Jesus took all of those sins upon Himself and died on our behalf for those sins we committed just so that we wouldn't have to be separated from God anymore, then it's truly amazing. He died for us! Often through ignorance we create a gap between us and God through committing sin. With Himself, Jesus bridges that gap we make. Oh my goodness!

We really are never going to know that pain/horror of crucifixion, let alone separation once we accept Jesus Christ's sacrifice -- because Jesus specifically took that sin/gap horror from us when He died in our place.

Can you imagine how much Jesus loves us to do that? His motivation -- to do that out of love for us so that we would not perish! -- is heart rending. It moves us to repentance and to accept His sacrifice and helps us to love God and each other all the more. It really makes Him even more lovable to us, because He cares so much and did this for us. To have a God moved with such compassion for His people is astounding.

Anyway, that's my humble understanding of those passages, and of why I don't see the lyrics of that moving song as contradicting scripture. It was good to think about, and helped me to appreciate the song better, in my own way.

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