Thursday, October 11, 2007

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ...

It was a VERY busy September.

I've been UPTOHERE working on a new project enough to plum not have had time to post blog entries ... and even though I technically don't have the time now either, I've also reached a "critical mass" state of "wow, I really should blog about that" ... so I gotta post some things, if only for the sake of making room in my head so I can sleep! LOL

In the midst of all this work I also had a birthday (note to self: be sure to schedule time off on ones' birthday), and it was wonderful. Because of my gluten allergy I didn't have a cake, but only because I was too lazy to make one (however, I'd recommend Pamela's Products any day. My favorites are her Brownies and her Chocolate Walnut Biscotti. YUM!) but it was still a good day, and I spent it drawing comics, which for me was just a great happiness and a great blessing.

So I got a little "of everything" too so to speak, to make it not only a very happy birthday, but one I can enjoy for far beyond the one day ... For my TV/DVD Junkie side, my darling Chris got me Season 3 of The Bob Newhart Show and Season 4 of Monk! For my Artist and Comic Book side, my best friends got me a copy of DC Comics Cover Girls by Louise Simonson! And for my Nostalgic and Fashion side, my sister got me a lovely (fuschia!) vintage dress. (Reviews on all later on!) My other sister got me a b-day card with a sound chip in it featuring Linda Carter as Wonder Woman (YAY!) that cracks me up to no end every time I listen to it. In the card/chip WW sez: "Seems to me that you can put your powers to good use somehow." That card totally lives on my drawing table now! LOL

Let's just say I am VERY happy (it was a milestone birthday), very grateful and feel like a well-rounded human being (considering I'm basically a comic book nerd). LOL.

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