Sunday, October 28, 2007

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing The Will of God by Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King

My Dad sent me a copy of Experiencing God and I had put it on one of our bookshelves, knowing I'd read it eventually, but not knowing quite when.

I must confess I'd shelved it for so long because I judged this book by its cover. Sure it was shallow of me, but I didn't get it when I saw it. My copy has a black background with a drawing of an old, bearded man looking "off panel" to our right, with something lighting up his face. Kinda like the above, but the outside is all black. At the time I wasn't ready to examine it carefully, so I just didn't get who the old man was supposed to be. Was it supposed to be God? Was it Abraham? Was it Moses? Who was the old guy with the stick? Why did the cover have to be so dark? I was being crabby. So I shelved it.

Then I recently found myself in a spiritual-starvation state, needing to grow and to seek God more, so I started to look at the books we had around the house, to see what might help me meditate and spend more time in Godly thoughts ... and Experiencing God was one of the three I pulled out. Its subtitle is "How to live the full adventure of knowing and doing the will of God" ... and I was curious what it had to say.

It wasn't until after I had finally read it and kept it out, knowing that I wanted to blog about it, that I FINALLY really saw the cover and got who it was. Duh! It's a drawing of Moses when he encounters the Burning Bush when God speaks to him the first time. This is mentioned several times in the book itself ... why I didn't see it until now ... ! On the cover, the burning bush itself appears in the middle of the "O" in "God" in the title (OH!). Okay, so the cover doesn't annoy me anymore, now that I know who this is supposed to be. LOL

I found Experiencing God to be a really nice, solid primer with biblical perimeters and guidelines in recognizing God at work around us, and in approaching God for a more direct and personal relationship with Him.

Sure, it can be frightening to approach the Almighty God, but there is precedence for desiring this kind of relationship. We want to know why we are here. We want to know that we are part of a bigger continuity. God walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden! He visited Abraham and Sarah. Once Moses got them out of Egypt, God would have talked to all the Israelites directly, too, but His Holy Hugeness freaked them out so much they asked Moses to handle all that direct communication for them. To read a book where someone addresses those longings in such a matter of fact way is pretty amazing.

I think what is lovely about this book is its directness and simplicity in addressing what we expect and what we should aim for in a relationship with God ... and how all that seeking, pursuing, loving, watching, adjusting, obeying and experiencing affects the fruits of our labor. From God being constantly at work around us and how when we pursue a relationship with God that plugs us directly into that work, the 7 Realities outlined and covered by Blakaby and King on the book are terrifically practical. It's especially useful I think for those who now understand they have a Purpose and need to plug in with God to fulfill that -- as humble as that purpose may be -- but who are not sure how to pursue that more deeply and thoroughly. This guidebook gives some very solid biblically-backed principles that should help many on their walk with God.

I gotta read it again.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your review :)
I just decided to buy the book ^__^

Erica Well said...

Oh, thank you, Melisa!

I hope after you have read it you will pop by and let me know what you think of it!