Friday, August 24, 2007

TV Junkie: Firefly on DVD

I've mentioned before how we are both Joss Whedon fans. We love the Angel and Buffy TV series and we really liked Serenity movie, which was based on the Firefly series.

We had tried watching Firefly on TV but it was difficult. It has a dreamy, spacey, roomy-storytelling pace quality (which we do enjoy) and seems (upon viewing now) that it really would have worked better on a cable TV channel (like maybe Sci-Fi?) than on the network TV faster pace/more commercials channel it was on. We knew we were going to wait for the DVD after all was said and done. We saw the movie without seeing most of the TV show and just LOVED it, so we couldn't wait.

So we waited. It was on sale at Target (YAY!) so for Chris' birthday, he got the Firefly series.

It is just terrific -- I really love this cast! We watched episode 1 last night, and I didn't know until yesterday that the episodes were run on TV out of order; so that probably contributed to its being a bit confusing back when it first aired. I will know better once we catch up (I think episode 3 was run as episode 1).

Will probably gush more -- but gotta run and work now!


Tasha Alexander said...

Oh my goodness, Erica! I am a complete Firefly junkie. Watch the DVDs more than I should admit in public. It's a great series--fantastic dialogue--can't wait to hear what you think after you've watch more...

Erica Well said...

Hey, COOL!

It IS such a terrific show, though. If ya need to gush about anything, this is certainly worth it.

We are now up to episode 4 for tonight ...! :D