Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Is A Drought. A What? A Drought. A What? A Nashville Drought.

Oh a Drought!

So if Nashville has more churches per capita than any city in the country, then we best get on our knees and PRAY.

This drought sucks. Literally.

Rainfall has been stuck in the midwest; creating terrible woes to our families there with flooding.

There have been more than 12 days of 100+ temperatures IN AUGUST and we are at less than 1/4 the typical summer rainfall totals. A great deal of the state of Tennessee is now in official Extreme Drought Alert, with about 1/3 in EXCEPTIONAL Drought Alert. (Holy moley, I didn't even know there was that level.)

Focusing in on our state, it's making me sad to see the plants browning, and the animals panting, let alone people passing out and some dying. FROM THE HEAT! (Just watch the news.)

Our crops have suffered. Our farmers are in financial trouble. Livestock in Macon County now have to drink treated waste water (and you really think that isn't going to trickle down the food chain? O.M.GOODNESS.)

Time to stop being lukewarm.

The nation is pretty obviously in travail. Look at it. Don't freak out. LOOK.

Let's get busy, then.

So we're Christians, huh? So we believe in the Living God, Creator of All Things, huh? Then let's pray. Put your belief to work.


Maybe we are in a Job situation. A "Hey, I'm not a bad guy, why are we having all this trouble?" type of situation.

A "Yeah, but wake UP!" type of situation.

What, pretending this isn't happening will make it go away? Nope.

Affliction passes. Make no mistake. We are in affliction.

But affliction passes.

Do not let apparent hopelessness in the terrible things happening around us "turn your heart to evil".  (Read the entire quote from the Book of Job chapter 36). See past it. See how it unites us. See how it helps us understand people we may have previously ignored. This is a VERY. SMALL. PLANET.

A true disciple of Christ needs to get past the fear and not have a problem examining his mind and soul to see if there are stumbling blocks in his relationship with God. You want to make sure there are no stumbling blocks ever (And hey, the effort counts. So just make it. We all stumble. It's okay. Get up again. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.)

Seriously, let's pray for eachother. We really need it.

Nashville, please, let's pray for rain.

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