Saturday, August 11, 2007

Searching, Meaning, Discipleship ... Commitment

Life is a journey.

What an amazing journey.

It's very "in" now to find your Life Purpose, to put out Good Vibes to get back Good Vibes; and to reach out and grab "the secret" of how life works ... and this is good. We all need to know why we are here. What makes us really alive. What we are here to do.

I am hoping this turns out to be more than just a fad; we are talking people figuring out their Life Purpose, after all, not just what shoes look great this season.

This figuring out stuff takes work. Don't be afraid.

Finding out what makes your soul peaceful takes work. Being alive takes commitment. Being positive takes commitment. Being hopeful takes commitment. Don't be afraid.

Tangentally, and personally, I find that people find it scary to be Christian after a certain point. As if it means they would have to run off into the hills and be a monk or something. On the other hand there comes a point where "Christian" is more than just a label. That means commitment. It means discipleship. It's not just to Doing Good Things to the great Vague Existence of Life. It means commitment. To the Creator God!

I think it also means a commitment of a kind we have flat out learned to misunderstand through ignorance, miscommunication and misinformation. Some Christians have set bad examples for what Christianity really means. (I know I've done it. I apologize. I want to do better now.)

Christianity and its expression in the very different denominations there are is really interesting to me because -- and not to be facetious -- it's like being good at a specific sport or something. Like if you look at it in a teamwork concept, then pull out and you see the teams play in a League situation. Please know I also speak specifically of Christianity since I know it first hand, and have much less experience with committed religious people of other faiths, I'll just be straight up with you.

I've said this before -- and not that I'm an AA member -- but I'm finding for me becoming a more effective Christian is a lot like being an AA member ... in the sense that sometimes all you really have is the strength to focus in and take it one day at a time. If we take the small steps, if won't all seem so burdensome a task at all.

[Further tangent: In theory it shouldn't be scary to be a Christian. There are good and compassionate examples of good Christians. If we strip all the religious trappings away for a moment and focus only on what Jesus Christ Himself taught, being a disciple of Christ isn't complicated or boring or mean. It's actually very simple and very freeing.

It's people who really complicate things.

Being committed to God isn't just for the "superhumanly holy". It's not only for those who are called to be "saints" in the way we have been taught to recognize them. I didn't know, for example that all God's people are referred to as "saints" in the Bible.*

(*Psalms #116, verses 15 - 16; Romans chapter 8 verse 27; Ephesians chapter 1 verse 18 and chapter 6 verse 18; Revelation chapter 5 verse 8 and chapter 19 verse 8) .]

But I am getting ahead of myself, really.

One step at a time ...

I just want to show someone kindness today.

I just want to send a happy email that makes someone smile today.

I want someone to know they are being thought of, and being prayed for today.

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