Monday, August 13, 2007

Joy and Delight: You Are Part of this Beautiful Quilt of Reality ...

You are ...

not a rock.

Not an island.

Not alone (even if it may seem so right now.)

You are very loved.

God knows you (even if you may feel kindof ignored lately.)

Your love reaches out. And makes an impact.

You have an impact even if you think not. (We don't live vacuum-packed.)

You have an effect. (Make it positive. It's less strain.)

We are all part of the puzzle. And we all fit (even if it's hard or weird sometimes to find out just where.)

The world is a beautiful place and worth taking care of.

People are beautiful and worth taking care of.

You are beautiful and worth taking care of.

Look into your own eyes and know this.

Look into their eyes and know this.

People are worth the effort (even when they are sometimes just the biggest pains in the rear.)

Yes. Some people you need to stay away from their craziness to be safe. Be wise. But love nonetheless.

Forgiveness helps you to grow.

"Forgive and Continue" (I don't remember where that quote comes from ...)

Love heals. Even with the smallest of gestures.

Love is powerful.

Love wins.

Let Love's Grace cover you. And see it in others.

Hope is Good Food.

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