Saturday, August 04, 2007

Joy and Delight: Dem Crazy Bugs

Okay, I am just going to have to buy myself some kind of book that has pictures of bugs and what they are so I'll know just what I'm looking at.

Golly, we have got a lot of bugs out here in TN! Back in NYC I could count the amount of bugs I ever saw practically on one hand: roaches, June bugs, Lady bugs, Cicadas (which I have to admit I never actually SAW but only heard. And it wasn't until I moved here that I learned THOSE were what I was hearing.). Oh, butterflies. (Do those count as "bugs" per se?) Flies. Bees.

I am amused by bugs who, when you start to observe them closely, actually realize they are being observed, and then start to hop around to get a better look at you. That just cracks me up.

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