Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Yeah. Art!

Not having a car at my disposal makes me less inclined to go visiting my usual favorite galleries (read "favorites" as those easy to get to by bus and get picked up by hubby in car afterwards: like Gallery One, LeQuire (they have new classes!), The Palette Gallery and Cafe (they open at noon for the summer!), Zeitgeist, Richland, Midtown, TAG, and Arts Company) But frankly, Nashville is really so very sprawling, it's exhausting. Walking and taking the bus to visit even one location can take a good chunk of the day. And in this heat ...! Oh boy.

So I didn't get to mention, the one show I did get to see on one of very few (only?) jaunts this past Spring (last April!) was the Mook & Fudge show over at TAG. This was fun and featured pen and ink works by Mel Kadel and Travis Millard. Kadel's work had very fine detail that reminded me of childrens' book art. Millard had a odd comics quality I really enjoyed (HEY! he DOES have a comics website!), my favorite piece actually appeared on the postcard for the show; the face of "Double Dude" a man/bat fella looking out at us, complete with word balloon. Creepy and fascinating! They even sold what looked just like mini-comics (others also call these chap books or small books) featuring their work. I liked this show very much.

I do regret missing Sarah La's show at Zeitgeist, (I was in the neighborhood two days late!! ARGH.) since I was interested in seeing her paintings live. The work on her website is already gorgeous, and saw she would also sometimes feature her works in progress on her LiveJournal blog. I wanted to see whether one particular painting she had showed us in progress had made the show ...

I also -- regrettably -- missed Lori Putnam's show over at the Belle Meade Plantation Gallery. Lori is another one of my favorite local painters. I was hoping to take the opportunity to visit and FIND the gallery in the first place but did not get there in time (have visited since and it looks like the gallery is a section within their excellent shop) . Lori just recently taught a Plein-Air painting class over in Italy (tell me that doesn't sound heavenly!)

Happily, I just got info that Lori is having a show at Centennial Park in August, so I have another chance to see her new work and soon. She will be featured along with Brenda Stein's fine woodturning and Gayle Levee's classic realism paintings. So let me share this info with you --

The will be an Opening Reception for them on Friday, August 10 from 5 -7 pm. The show runs August 10 -30, 2007. The Centennial Art Center is located on 25th Avenue North and Park Plaza corner, just inside Centennial Park. The center is usually open from 10 to 5 from Tuesday through Saturdays.

Abstract painter Edie Maney has a new website. YAY! (I can't stress enough how important it is in this day and age to maintain even just the simpest of websites if you're working in art professionally.)

Metalsmith Ben Caldwell is holding a lecture at the LeQuire gallery (tomorrow) Thursday night, July 19th. He was recently featured on Tennessee Crossroads. He makes incredible works in metal -- and many items are also practical home things.

When my best friends to visited us last month, we were able to drive over and see the Ruthie Cherry Fine Art Gallery over at the Loveless Cafe complex. (Make sure you stop by and check out the lovely pottery and jewelry there at Shimai.)

There is so much more to do ...

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