Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unexpected Inspiration ... from Fashion Mags of all things ...

I used to buy lots of fashion magazines when I was a teen ... and back then I didn't enjoy them so much. I wasn't blonde, wasn't thin, wasn't a size 4 and wasn't 5'10" (not that I'm any of these things now, but you know what I mean!). Back then it wasn't cool to be Hispanic -- or "Latina" as the phrase is coined nowadays -- and I felt inadequate for not meeting some impossible magazine ideal.

By my 20s I went totally "anti-fashion". Which is not too hard to do when every trip to the clothing store was basically a nightmare of "nothing fits correctly" or "nothing fits I can afford." (I STILL abhor shopping.)

And that was a bummer, really, because I rather otherwise enjoy hats and pretty suits and that formal look (but ya tend to look rather overdressed if you do that sorta thing, least 'round these parts!).

But now after all this time I've accepted I'm a fashion ignoramous, and I am at peace with my nerdiness. And by not feeling that strange pressure (Am I tall enough? Will my hair ever NOT frizz?) I can now enjoy and even want to enjoy looking at fashion again.

So when I started up my new subscriptions to W and Vogue I did it because I finally LIKE who I am and what I look like, and I don't feel pressured to dress up in what is currently in style. And I also made the conscious decision that the second either mag started to make me feel bad about NOT being fashionable "enough", I was going to cancel the sub and just get on with my life.

Imagine my surprise then -- now that it's been some months that I've been getting these issues -- to find that not only are the pictures just FUN to look at, and seeing the clothes is just enjoyable ... but I also feel inspired to draw prettier things ... and that was just nice.

What a nice and unexpected discovery ...

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