Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Word: Today from 1 Corinthians

I used to work with a Youth Group back in NYC. Those kids were so great and talented. There were so many that passed through our church doors at one point or another ... I used to take attendance so I could remember their names. I'm pretty sure over the years we had at least 60 different individuals in the 3 or so years I worked there. And for a church in the middle of Manhattan, that was saying a lot that they stopped by. When we met on Wednesday nights sometimes we'd talk. Sometimes we'd get pizza. Sometimes we'd have a bible study.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, we read from the book of 1 Corinthians, chapter 15, verse 33. "Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character."

And it sunk in. Sometimes it's a very hard choice to break away from the path that is actually eating your soul up and destroying you. Especially when it involves old friends.

But true friends also stick with you. And don't belittle you when you are growing in a way they don't understand. And when they are worried for you they flat out say so. And if you are doing something wrong they'll try to shake you out of it. Friendship involves mutual respect.

Friendship is precious. And friendship is edifying, not destructive.

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