Monday, April 23, 2007

Proactive Prayer

I dunno how much sense this post will make. I do need to kinda "think" this "out loud" in a way.

So often we spend our time in Reactive prayer. Something bad happens, and we pray, as if God were just a last minute thought in our heads. Like it's an "oh yeah, That Big Guy" moment when stuff happens and we suddenly find we need Him. Now. Cause we're in trouble.

Prayer is good. I've seen results. (Yeah, okay. I've also seen non-results, but I don't have answers why that is sometimes. I only have answers for the answered ones, so I'm dealing with that right now.)

Prayer can and should be Proactive. Not just Reactive. The difference has the potential to create amazing results. I really feel that. I really know that.

Last Friday when I got hurt I emailed those nearest and dearest to me and asked them to pray for me -- and I knew they would. But what made this request Proactive and not just Reactive? Because I don't just pray when there's a problem. I find I really like to just pray in general --and I find I enjoy praying for people. I've started to do it do it during the day, like when I walk or when I cook. I guess in that way prayer for me has become a rather Buddhist form of meditative action (since Buddhists practice being in the moment and being aware of what they do) and I find it more fulfilling to pray that way. And yeah, sure, I could also pray even more often that I do, but I'm working at it.

So when I asked for prayer it was more like "help me pray".

When I updated everyone after we got back home, what I didn't expect was to hear that they had turned around and asked so many others join in and also pray for me. Even my good friend Val blogged for prayer for me. (That actually made me cry when I read her post and the comments.)

And that also just explained so much.

For I hadn't expected to get up from the X-Ray machine and no longer hear the grindy noises in my head. I literally felt better than before the X-Rays were taken. I was still waiting with bated breath what the report would be, but there was no bad noise.

The report later came back good.

What I didn't expect was that after such an excruciatingly painful 8 hours (I mean, my FINGERS had been literally TINGLING with pain!) to be able to pop my back and be in barely any pain by the time we got home from the doc's.

I didn't expect to wake up stiff as a board but basically have no bad pain on Saturday. (And that's without taking painkillers.)

Sunday I was a little stiff and tired, but we took it easy.

Today I am still a little tired, but it's understandable, considering the shock of the blow. I am recovering and improving. I will just take it easy this week.

This may sound silly or crazy to some folks, but there were literally periods where I could feel in waves that people prayed for me, and I felt better. I actually felt actual physical relief. I felt pain go away.

I realize this doesn't work for everyone. And I'm not trying to brag. I'm just saying, sometimes we can understand intellectually and know a thing works -- like how drawing every day helps you get better at it, or how practicing can help you play an instrument better -- but it can still be stunning to us when we actually see it WORK and see the results after months of application.

Prayer works. And I have to be thankful out loud for it. I have to. I am just so very grateful.

In some hispanic families there is a tradition in the home where the child -- before stepping out the door -- will call out to his mother "¡Bendicion!" (Bless me). The mother answers "¡Que Dios Te Bendiga!" (God bless you), then the kid will go out.

Prayer works. What can it do when we pray Proactively, instead of just Reactively ...?

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