Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bryant and May mysteries by Christopher Fowler

I realize there is an art and craft to reviewing a product effectively, so I'm NOT going to pretend I even know how to do so. I'm just going to do my usual "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" thing, and hope maybe you'll go check and read some nicely written reviews that will convince you further that you'll also enjoy it and should go buy a copy.

I've been reading Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May books. Bryant and May are two older-than-time British detectives that work in the Peculiar Crimes Unit of the police department in London. They handle crimes that are well, just very ODD and need to be contained so as to not incite (more) public hysteria. May is the straight man, who is trying to follow police procedures, and Bryant is the one who looks into all the supernatural and paranormal angles of the crimes. Makes for some humorous clashes in POV.

I've read Full Dark House, The Water Room and am now in the middle of Ten Second Staircase. I enjoy reading about these kooky old men, who are all set in their ways. Fowler can also really turn a phrase nicely and help you see (and smell!) the surroundings and cast.

There are gory bits since these are crime novels (and I mostly skim over those) but they're a good read. With the amount of work I have to do, when I can't wait to get to bed to curl up to read a book, that is a compelling book.

So I apologize for my lack of articulation -- but THESE BOOKS ARE A FUN and INTERESTING READ!

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