Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Steve Rude's Nexus Archives Special Sale

Okay, I hopefully have fully established already that I am a big fan of Steve Rude and his Nexus and The Moth comic books.

Steve has decided to start his own publishing imprint Rude Dude Productions to bring the characters back in new stories -- and I am thrilled BEYOND WORDS! THRILLED!

If you haven't read his comics and are not familiar with them, Rude Dude Productions going to have a free sample of Nexus available to first time readers on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th 2007. (This handy linked site will also help you locate a comic shop near you if you like.)

If you already KNOW how great his comics are, then you will be further thrilled to know they are having a SPECIAL SALE on his Nexus Archives editions (the hardcover editions that collect the Nexus issues into several volumes!!)

These volumes which normally retail at $50. are now on sale for $35 -- a fantastic buy for the quality of both story and packaging. Just head on over to his shop page and scroll halfway down.

While you're there, if you're a sketchbook fan, I heartily recommend his sketchbook. I am not a sketchbook collector myself, but I bought this one because hey, IT'S STEVE RUDE'S SKETCHBOOK! -- and it was totally worth it. I enjoy it very much.

(Erica trying not to jump up and down and clap like a kid. Much.)