Friday, December 29, 2006

Doctors Without Borders

I love it when I profoundly want to get something very ordinary, and it shows up unexpectedly. It makes me realize God is paying attention to the little things in our hearts.

Starting a few weeks ago, I realized I deeply wanted to get an updated map of the world.

In High School we were never taught any kind of modern world history, which is a disservice to kids and the world alike. Like now I'll read the paper and I realize I really didn't know where a lot of countries in Africa and Asia were, and am disappointed when they don't place a map so we can see. From reading about the plights in many countries around the world, I realized I just wanted to know where they were even if I never visit them. Plus Nashville and our church has a lot of immigrants from places I just don't know. Somehow being able to see them on the map helps me remember them when I read and pray for their situations. I was figuring on getting a map after the new year when I could.

So Chris and I get tons of unsolicited mail from charities all over the place. Frankly I wish we had enough to be able to give, but I'm still only starting the freelancing thing and we're really just a one income family still, so I can only stretch so far. But recently I just got a letter from Doctors Without Borders, an organization that sends medical help to afflicted peoples in very rough and scary conditions (including war zones) around the world, regardless of the risks.

They sent me a world map. !!

I was so happy, I hung it up in the office.

I can't afford to help, but I can shell out the cost of a map. That meant a lot to me.

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