Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally, Que Es Amor

For his birthday, Chris and I collaborated on a comic called "Que Es Amor" (What Is Love).

Part wee bit of X-Files, part wee bit of Kolchak: The Night Stalker and starring Cupid, Que Es Amor for us was like drawing a back up story to our Fallen World mini-comics ... (yes, this is a truly very inside joke for like all 7 of us who get it. sigh.)

We don't yet have our Fallen World minis up on our website, but we're considering it ... AND I thought it might be fun to put all these minis we've done so far into a real-sized comic. But the mere thought of the task of scanning them all in leaves me tired. Production work on someone else's book? Fun. Production work on one's own book? Not so fun.

Plus. I've been thinking about whether I needed to re-letter issue 1 so it'd match the fonts of 2 and 3 ... so now the proverbial sock is unraveling ... Oy.

So while I go fret about whether or not to leave those smutzy dots in the scans of these other minis, check out our Que Es Amor.

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M. C. Pearson said...

I shall!

I finally have a great connection with my dial-up and can actually visit some of my blog friends! Wahoo!

Nice to see ya again.