Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally, Que Es Amor

For his birthday, Chris and I collaborated on a comic called "Que Es Amor" (What Is Love).

Part wee bit of X-Files, part wee bit of Kolchak: The Night Stalker and starring Cupid, Que Es Amor for us was like drawing a back up story to our Fallen World mini-comics ... (yes, this is a truly very inside joke for like all 7 of us who get it. sigh.)

We don't yet have our Fallen World minis up on our website, but we're considering it ... AND I thought it might be fun to put all these minis we've done so far into a real-sized comic. But the mere thought of the task of scanning them all in leaves me tired. Production work on someone else's book? Fun. Production work on one's own book? Not so fun.

Plus. I've been thinking about whether I needed to re-letter issue 1 so it'd match the fonts of 2 and 3 ... so now the proverbial sock is unraveling ... Oy.

So while I go fret about whether or not to leave those smutzy dots in the scans of these other minis, check out our Que Es Amor.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What You Feed Your Eyes Visually ...

Not trying to do the soapbox thing -- though it might come out that way.

No. Yeah. It will come out that way.

Been readin'/watchin'/listenin' to the news. There's been a super- creepy ebb and flow going on lately. Things all over seem to be going to hell in a handbasket. But the handbasket's on a freight train. And the brake just might be broken (folks seem to be running to the front car to see!!)

We need a huge planet-wide reality check. Seems like in the so-called Pursuit of Happiness, Common Sense got accidentally thrown out with the trash in the clean up after the big party.

So here's my rant:

I was up in de ol' NYC stomping grounds this past week and walked/rode around West/Mid/Lower Manhattan to meet up with dear friends and family. Plastered all over the street on the scaffoldings around the excessive amounts of construction sites -- for YET MORE overpriced luxury apartments/condos -- were these ugly posters for some kind of horror movie (video game?) due out.

The various promo posters all had shots of a demon pictured with a nude woman. At least one shot was a full-length side view of her. I saw more than one man do a double take as they walked by! And if I saw the poster correctly (sorry, I couldn't stare long enough to confirm) in a shot or two the demon was actually caressing her. YUCK!

The woman didn't seem to be reacting in any of the shots, too, as if her being caressed by a demon were all a totally normal, la-de-da thing.

I take offense at this visual being on public display on city streets where little kids (who still do get frightened by scary-looking things) and anyone who simply hates this type of visual (like me) could just see it. I mean, make/sell/see the stupid movie if you want, fine, but dang, pick a different visual for your promo poster! What's so difficult about that?

People can be so immature.

Maybe this will surprise you, but it wasn't just the obvious naked woman that bothered me. This poster ultimately wouldn't be an acceptable visual if it were a naked man, or clothed figure either.

Ok, this not a PC thing to say -- but frankly, this demon carressing a woman isn't a normal visual to display. It's the spiritual implications that offend me.

I mean, think about it. Mankind consorting with demons -- because that IS implied by having the naked woman there -- her acting like it's no big deal really saddens me.

Yeah, I know. It's supposed to be creepy. It's a HORROR MOVIE (or horror video game?). Duh. I get it.

But it's just that some folks really make light of the spiritual reality of life. And yeah, I'm taking about spirituality. Life is both flesh and spirit.

And yeah, a person practicing religion or lack thereof is their business -- until it starts to negatively affect others. But that's also why we have laws in place and separate the two. AND why we need to stay alert and cannot allow censorship laws that then pervert and warp into genocide.

We seriously need to actively get along if we all want this planet to continue.

It's not PC to say that portraying demons consorting with people like it's no big deal -- or worse -- normal! -- is asking for trouble on the spiritual plane.

Some people -- nothing personal -- can get dull-souled and lose the ability to cherish and value other humans with too much exposure to this type of horror stuff. It's just a side effect for some people -- like how some people can't hold their liquor. We took smoking and liquor commercials off the TV for those types of reasons. Those industries sure haven't suffered for lack of promotion there!

But these are tangents. I just wanna deal with the disgusting poster on the street.

So while I can't speak for bad Christians, I DO know that Jesus taught us to let the wheat and the weeds grow together. He'll do the separating at the end. So I CAN'T make you pray but I do meanwhile HAVE to walk down that street to get to the building I'm going to. And that poster really hurts.

A little discretion on the promo posters for public consumption is not going to affect the bottom line. If your bottom line is affected, it's only cause the movie (or clothes, or CD) wasn't very good in the first place. No amount of advertising can really help that. (Either that or ya coulda worked with a smaller budget so ya coulda recouped faster. Be practical.)

We can respect others for the sake of protecting children and others and still not curtail our individual freedoms as adults. Really. If we don't respect age-appropriateness and respect others, we develop into a society that feeds on and eats itself alive because it's not watching out for anyone, anywhere. That's not healthy, it's a miserable state to live in, and that's how societies end.

People like to pass the buck and say this is a "dog-eat-dog world", but this is NOT a dog eat dog world. This is a world populated by humans and mankind is accountable. It's a little bit of work, but we all have to practice the live-and-let-live community attitude proactively.

Have respect for others. That's how you earn it for yourself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

24 Hour Comics Challenge This Weekend

YES -- it's THAT time of the year again (granted "that time" USED to be in the Spring and this year it's been moved over to the Fall).

This weekend, starting sometime Saturday October 7th through sometime Sunday the 8th, it's time for


24 comic pages in 24 hours. One person.

Are you ready? Are you participating?

Most of us in the NCC are.

Whatever we get done this weekend -- 24 pages or not -- I hope to post to the Nashville Comics Creators group website when I get files from folks; and whatever Chris and I get finished we'll post on our website. I'll blog-post the links here.

This will be my 3rd official 24 Hour Comic, 2nd in Nashville. I am SO psyched!!