Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TACA Fall Craft Fair at Centennial Park

I have to preface this post with context:

One of my freelance jobs lately has me culling information from various press releases to fit the most pertinent info for readers into a set amount of pages. I hand this in to the editor and he makes sure it all works and they print it in their magazine. This has been VERY educational to me.

Writing press releases -- effective press releases -- is an art.

We all know BAD press releases/info when we read them. They just make no sense. They take too long to get to the point. The worst of them never really tell you what they're selling!

This is something all aspiring authors (non fiction or fiction) and all working artists really need to keep in mind when they send press releases out. Does it tell me exactly and all about what you're selling? (I don't have time to call you to clarify this murky copy!!)

When I bump into a well written press release or am given great marketing material -- oh my goodness! It's like a gem found in the sand. It's a lovely thing to see and read and I appreciate their work all the more.
All this then, to preface the most excellent postcard I got from TACA last week. The Tennessee Association of Craft Artists is holding their Fall Craft Fair this weekend at Centennial Park.

On the back of the postcard they listed the Top 13 Reasons to Attend the TACA Fall Craft Fair, and I HAD to share them with you here!

Top 13 Reasons to Attend the TACA Fall Craft Fair

13. Polish off your holiday list 86 days early.
12. Free Admission=Cheap Date.
11. It’s the only event in Nashville where cowboy hats are optional.
10. Unhook your kid from his/her Gameboy, X-Box, and I-Pod with “TACA Kids Unplugged”.
9. Crafts are chick magnets.
8. Find out if a lip wrap is: a) a cosmetic procedure, b) a boxing injury, c) a glass technique, or d) illegal in Alabama.
7. Real men dig craft demos.
6. Shop til you drop! (We’ll have paramedics on-site)
5. Where else can you see someone throwing mud without wrestling?
4. Add sgraffito, cloisonné, and murrini to your vocabulary.
3. Our director’s name is Craig Nutt.
2. He can tell his sgraffito from his burrito. (But he doesn’t know his warp from his weft).
1. Because sometimes chicken comes on a stick.

LOL. I enjoyed this list a lot.

Beautiful crafts, and a sense of humor, too! What's not to like? Go enjoy the park and meet these talented craftsmen and craftswomen and support local artists!

The fair starts on Friday at 10 am, and runs til 6pm. Saturday it runs from 10am to 6pm and Sunday it runs from 10am to 5pm. Centennial Park is sandwiched in Midtown, within West End and Charlotte and 25 - 28th Avenues.

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