Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The 45 Degree Angle (Back Onto a Straight Line)

Life is so interesting. Sometimes ya just gotta figure out a plan, try it on for size, then adjust accordingly.

I'd started out the summer with plans of formalizing and developing a graphic design studio. Let's call it The Summer Formula. I had big plans for it, too. I figured I could do that sort of thing and support making webcomics that way. Eventually I could earn enough to print them. (Told ya. I was thinking big.)

Or at least that WAS the plan until the computer equipment rebelled. Seriously. Once that happens that pretty much trashes any graphic design plans, since a GD studio hinges on your equipment.

So I couldn't get my CD burner to work. My printer started to freak out when I wanted to print in color(!). The browsers were spazzing. I couldn't even blog while I figured all this out (there's about a two week break in these Blog archives between the end of August/early September.) And it wasn't a virus causing this; we checked many, many times. Systems were clean.

But it probably is partially my own fault; I've asked God to be REALLY obvious with me about my artwork. My birthday was coming up and that always makes me reflect on what I've done/where I'm going. And I've worn many (weird) hats over the years as I've tried things on for size to figure out what was mine to do: Painter, Stage Manager, Opera Singer, Production Manager, Web Comic Artist. Sometimes you can be a Jack of All Trades & Master At None.

OR sometimes you can be smart, fit a little of everything in, manage your time well and have a really fun life.

What has happened this summer instead -- VERY long story short -- is the webcomics have temporarily stopped while I start on a new comic strip that Chris is writing for us. (YAY!) I hope to start posting that by the end of October. I will give you a sneak peek here first.

The graphic design studio has instead become more of a book-art and painting art studio, so it's much less production work, and much more art work.

The biggest surprise was I have unexpectedly started oil painting again ... so I'm calling this whole summer the 45 degree angle on the path (which led me back to a straight line).

The funny part is painting was really peripheral in the Summer Formula. It was so at the bottom of the To Do list, I had even given a painter friend my paint and easel several years ago to encourage her to paint.

But painting was the crazy key -- work with me here -- see, cause when I bought new tubes of oils (for my birthday!) and picked up the palette knife and paint brush and started painting -- (oh my goodness, and now I have at least 5 laid out!) later that week the computer equipment all started to work again. (Don't laugh -- it's true!)

I finally figured out the conflict in the extensions for the CD burner. The printer finally stopped choking YESTERDAY and will now print again as long as I resize color files to print them out small (okay, but I admit I really DO have to replace this thing. LOL) And I figured out I had a program conflict that was spazzing out my RAM.

Really, what I discovered was that I had to re-adjust my focus. Re-prioritize my To-Do list. Embrace this thing that I actually love, and move it further up the To-do list. Most of all I had to stop putzing around with production already. Production should serve the work I do, not be a substitute for creating art.

What a subtle refocus.

This journey is so interesting sometimes ...

pictured above: "Amor Captivo (Captive Love)" at Cornerstone Credit Union in Hillsboro Village, September 29 through November.

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