Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So What Motivates Superheroines?

If the comics "trends" in stories show that superheroes "need" to have their significant female others to be killed/maimed/victimized/destroyed in order to provide "sufficient motivation" for them to take up/continue-to-take-up the mantel of doing superheroic acts ...

then what's the motivation for Superheroines?

Isn't there enough crime happening worldwide to keep all the heroes (male and female) pretty busy if they wanted to get involved?

We really don't see the reverse happen as much -- male supporting character death to motivate the superheroine: "Men in Refrigerators" (Not that we need to.)

I just find that disparity odd.

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Paul S. said...

I think the only time I can recall seeing the reversal in recent years was in that Avengers Icons: Tigra mini-series in which much of the plot revolved around Greer trying to bring to justice the group that killed her husband.