Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hazel King & Centennial Parks Art...

Last week Tuesday I posted how Metro Council cut the city budget to the Arts so much it was closing the Centennial Park Arts program. This would pretty much end the incredibly affordable and all-skill-range art classes taught there by Hazel King. I was absolutely thrilled to see WSMV Channel 4 was going to feature Ms. Hazel later that evening at the 6'oclock news.

I was disappointed that the segment turned out to just be a "people piece" and didn't touch upon the program cuts themselves and how it would affect the next round of people who would NOT get these classes and get to meet this terrific and inspiring artist ...

But I did like how through the segment more people were able to get to know more about this fantastic art (and dance!) teacher. We should all be so involved and active in the community and in life all the time. Ms. Hazel amazes me.

I was comforted to a degree to read in the Sunday Tennessean's Editorial page that they were also of the opinion that these Metro Cuts embarrass Music City ... and the Monday Nashville City Paper also did a little interview on Ms. Hazel.

The Tennessean editorial touches on how artistic ideas need to be nurtured and shows the cuts from the budget side, which was helpful. It didn't cover how important and influential a teacher can be in fostering and mentoring a fledgling artist -- but for that you could ask artists like Darlene Shadden, Juliana Erickson, and Jerry Adams who Ms. Hazel has taught or mentored.

At the very least I hope all this coverage adds a bit of perspective to what Ms. Hazel has done and does in the Arts Program. This program shouldn't have gone out like this.

I've gleaned from the little info available within the 3 pieces that Ms. Hazel will be kept on as a "Guest Instructor", but what that means in the "before" and "after" picture or what it means the Program itself might change into, I don't know.

I guess this is something to find out about ...

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