Friday, August 11, 2006

Cheekwood's Highballs & Hydrangeas Tonight

Ok, Ok.

I know I said (yesterday!) that I was only going to post from Tuesdays through Thursdays from now on, but cut me a little slack. The thunderstorm last night was CRAZY and I had to get offline before I got to finish all my posts for the day... So I have a few things to mention just yet!

First off -- tonight is a Cheekwood "Highballs and Hydrangeas" night.

Both Cheekwood and The Frist have set aside (usually Friday) evenings for visitors to additionally enjoy music and drink when they visit the exhibits in the galleries. These nights are terrific for catching up on socializing and hanging out with friends and even for learning more about the art on display. Tonight Cheekwood's curator will be speaking at 7pm. (You will have to RSVP for that since space is limited -- more info at the Cheekwood site.)

Located over in Belle Meade, the Cheekwood also has the additional beauty of its gardens to enjoy while you soak in the lovely art and atmosphere ... so enjoy the evening, because even in the rain it's still gorgeous!


adventures in amyland said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on Highballs & Hydrangeas. I hope you made it out on Friday in spite of the rain. It was a soggy night, but it was still fun.

Thanks again,

Amy Lee Bell
Highballs & Highdrangeas Event Chairman

Erica Well said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for stopping in!

We weren't able to attend that Friday (Chris is on the tail end of his schedule to hand in his third novel) so our free time is really tight.

I do hope we can make it some other Friday!