Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Wrote My Senators re: Orphan Works Act

I wrote TN Senator Alexander, TN Senator Frist and my TN Representative Jim Cooper at both their Nashville and their Washington DC offices just about a month ago. (Previous posts linked below do further link to a website where you can get their addresses.)

Earlier this week I got a letter(!) back from the D.C. office of Senator Lamar Alexander! YAY! I was so excited -- (I think this might be my first set of letters written to Senators ever...)

My letter to him was acknowledged!

Ok, so I got a form letter. Sure my last name was misspelled (everybody wants to add a "s" to "Well".) Sure the form letter didn't even form-letter-acknowledge the right general topic... but that's okay. I understand how much work it must be to process the volume of incoming mail, so I'm just glad to get the acknowledgement. (I just hope they FILED it in the right stack.)

Let's defeat this Bill before it crushes the American Citizen's Copyright.

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