Monday, June 12, 2006

Orphan Works Bill: Worry about Art Copyrights

I bring up the "dumb artist" thing because I was forwarded a MASSIVE email last week from one of my artist friends living in California. It was so massive in fact, it had to be divided into 5 parts.

It's about a new bill that was introduced into Congress on May 22, regarding artwork that is considered "Orphaned" ie., where the rightful copyright holder is "unable" to be located by someone who is interested in using it.

The bill, HR 5439 IH has the massive potential to infringe and usurp copyright Rights of many artists and photographers. Especially at risk are those who create licensed works where their copyright line is often not listed on the item created using it. It's an ugly situation brewing.

I've just printed these emails and the Bill as introduced into congress so I can read them over. I've also started reading over books covering copyright laws and such, to help support my argument when I blog about this again and write to our Senators and Rep. (We're ALL going to have to write to our Senators and Representatives.)

I will link up to the various websites with a review of what's up by next Monday the 19th. This Copyright Law amendment is a potentially bad situation that needs all artists' attention ASAP.

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